Here’s a sweet idea: turning design careers into a design projects. Helping designers to prototype and iterate their work. So they have inspiring goals that push their boundaries.

We set out to make that wonderful idea a reality for our design friends. We called it DESIGNLADDER. You joined! People from all continents joined! The app got featured. We had magical moments with you (some were magical in the ‘stick head into fridge’ way). But although we had an idea with widespread support, we haven’t been able to turn it into a sustainable business. So, we’re saying goodbye to it.

But before we go, there’s one more thing:
Designers need better tools that help them spend time more on their careers. Lots of things in a designer’s life are in flux. They explore and keep our options open. They are visionary for others, and face the risk of neglecting their own vision in the process. To be deliberate at least, or strategic at best, about what they want for our future, increases the chance of it becoming how they’d like it.

We stand by this idea and many design folk around us do. And to maybe help someone else spread this around: we open up all of our content, logic and code to the world. It’s available for download. We’ll talk you through it as well.

Tim is on to innovation guidance, meet him at timselders.nl
Freek is on to branding & communications, meet him at itsthefreek.nl

Keep in touch! All our best,
Tim & Freek