It’s not every day that you meet a designer who wears a suit on their Linkedin profile picture. It’s also not exactly in the ordinary to have an MBA as a designer. Or to quit what most people would call a dream job, because the call of a new personal mission was getting too strong to ignore. Adam Vaughan isn’t your average designer and hasn’t walked your average career path. Adam spent some time with us, sharing a tonne of inspiring stories.

It all started with an IDEO video on a design process, designing a brand new type of shopping cart. It got him inspired to study Product Design. He then went on to work at Duplo and later on at LEGO Friends. After moving back to his home country England, he had a big legacy of very specific toy industry knowledge. How to apply that in other areas? How to find something truly worth believing in, to apply his creatives powers to? It took him and MBA and a job at an innovation consultancy to find out what was next for him. Adam shares his learnings, the things he’s had to overcome and his anticipated next steps, such as leading a full fledged design team and experimenting more.

This is the start of a new Youtube series: 15 minute design career talks in which we meet designers from all corners of the world. We dig into what motivates them, how they look at the world, and how they’ve managed to build themselves up as a design professional.

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