Thinking about making a career change, big or small? These 5 questions and 2 drawing excercises will help you and come up with fresh ideas for your design career. Have fun!

Get into ideation mode

Like with any ideation process: in order to come up with good ideas, you’ll need to set yourself free from your here-and-now a bit. So in order to free-float, here’s a few not-to-do’s:

  • Do not limit your thinking with practical implications such as lack of time, insufficient money etc. You can deal with these later on.
  • Do not doubt your capabilities. Pretty much everything can be learned, especially with the motivation of a great career idea.
  • Do not let your ideas become heavy. Keep them light, let them hoover.

Ask yourself

  • If you got next week off to do free work, what would your first project be?
  • Whose job would you steal if you could and what, even to your limited knowledge, are the nicest features of that job?
  • What’s the funnest creative thing you’ve done in the past year?
  • If you and 3 friends got a carte blanche to begin a startup, what would it do?
  • Check out the 17 global goals – which are the 3 you think are most important?

Draw something

You can get a lot of inspiration from your own makings. On paper you can defy all forces of nature. Do it! And see what happens.

  • Draw the designer-superhero you could be. Are you the multi-talented Creatopus who has 8 arms which each have a design specialty? Or are you Designborg who is part human and part Wacom tablet, creating any digital graphic just by thinking it up?
  • Sketch some crazy things you’d like to create. An electric hoover-car which goes on water and land? An app that makes 3 wishes come true? Good stuff!


Some examples

At DESIGNLADDER, we believe that your design career should be a fun, creative project that you can apply your design skills to. It always starts with an idea, small or crazy as it may seem. We come up with lots of these career ideas ourselves and even more are designed in our app.

Here’s a few examples:

DESIGNLADDER app career ideas sketch ideator

Need more guidance creating career ideas? There’s an app that helps you do this and much more within 1 single day.

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