Frequently asked questions

What will I get out of this?

You will get a grip on your professional growth.

That’s a thing: your own plan or playbook for your professional growth in the upcoming ±5 years.

And it’s a process: you have a coach you can turn to for help, and that actively reaches out to you so it can help.

Can I try it first?

Of course! You can do that here: 

Getting a grip on your growth takes some time & thought, so we’ve created some coachees that have already taken some steps in the coaching flow. 
We’ll happily show you around and give you some time to play and break stuff!

Is this for my type of design too?

We focus on designers, because we know what makes them tick and share their tics. Designers from all levels and types of design can do this. Among our current coachees we have:

  • a Freelance Graphic Designer,
  • a Design Director at a global FMCG brand,
  • a UX designer in a digital agency,
  • a Service Design Lead in a large corporate,
  • a Brand Manager at an NGO
  • a Product Designer at a toy company,
  • a Project Manager at a large studio,
  • an owner of a small interior design studio.
Am I too senior/junior for this?

If you are a design professional who wants to grow, this is for you. Our coach helps designers at all levels and from any company size.

Based on years of experience, the low end of people we currently coach is:
A design school dropout who started his own clothing brand 2 years ago. She uses our coach to make sure she will be the perfect head designer at every stage of her growing company.

Based on years of experience, the high end of people we currently coach is:
A Design Director who has worked at a medium-sized company for the past 22 years. He was the first designer to be employed, and has grown design to Director level. He uses our coach to make a plan for the not-yet-existent VP of Design role that he hopes to acquire.

In between these levels of experience are, to name a few:
A Senior Designer with a big dream to teach kids how to accept their differences through playing. She’s sharpening that big dream and making it doable.

A Design Manager has been applying to jobs for a while, only to find out that he didn’t know exactly what he wanted. He signed up for our coach to be super sure he’ll have a job soon that perfectly fits him.

Do I need this if I'm happy at work?

Our coaching helps you get a grip on your growth, starting tomorrow. This is important, whether you’re happy at work, feeling stuck or when you’ve reached a fork in the road. 

How is this different from other coaching?

We do things a little different from traditional coaches, mentors or coaching platforms.

A traditional coach:

  • Costs a lot  💸 (€250 for 30 minutes Skype & a report. Really?).
  • Is paid per consult. Kind of discouraging to stick together and get more done!
  • Has a one-size-fits-all approach to coaching individuals. 
  • Learns just as fast as you. Not a bit faster. Definitely not 10x faster.
  • Doesn’t aim at getting a real grip, but at polishing the short term: getting a job or making a pretty CV.
  • Stays the same while you develop & change.
  • Is slow to respond or make an appointment with. One person can only do so much…
  • Doesn’t stimulate growing as a community.

We’ve brought the best of personal relationships together with what intelligent tech can do. So that our coachees always get the right coaching at the right moment for them.

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Should companies / bosses provide this?

Companies can pay for this as they benefit too.

A setup we love: a few companies decided to pay the one-time €399, and the designer pays the monthly €15 so they own their coaching and own their growth.

Companies benefit: designers who know what they want, are much better at communicating their needs and finding ways to grow in their work. If designers and companies match their needs, their relationship gets much stronger. This allows companies to tailor roles better and increase employee retention. Everybody’s happy!

No matter who pays: all data will always be owned by the individual coachee.

Can companies / bosses have access?

Our coachees exclusively own their data, so they decide whether they want to share things with others.

That being said, we believe that sharing dreams and growth plans is essential to good professional relationships, and the clear, step-by-step approach of our coaching might inspire people to start doing this.  

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How does it work?

Think, decide and create in the app at your own pace and in your own style. The app pulls in just the kind of coaching you need:

When you need to explore and create things, you get live sparring, suggestions, input, and feedback.

At other times you need to persist, so you get inspiration, Q&A’s, nudging and so much more. Also check out our how-it-works area!

How much time will this take me?
All coaching is self-paced, so it’s up to you! But if you want to have a good sense of progress, it’s good to start spending 1 hour a month on this. The app will help you streamline this time to the max.
What are recurring topics in your coaching?

We will coach you on whatever it is you need most.
Some topics we will definitely talk about:

  • Growth and growing
  • purpose
  • dream
  • vision
  • personal branding
  • design leadership
  • personality
  • career happiness
  • curriculum futurum
  • and much more.
Can I still be opportunistic when I have a plan?

You’d better be! The app helps you look at your growth in terms of enablers to develop and actions to take. This makes it much easier to have a sharp eye for opportunity.
When it hits: you can easily tweak things and adjust your coaching preferences.

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How much does it cost?

Signing up costs €399 once + €15 per month.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit Cards, Paypal and iDeal.

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