Great design careers are built working towards a great goal. Get inspired!

Great design careers are built working towards a great goal. Get inspired!

I want to combine my design job with some free work in my own little studio.

I'm design director at a company I love, but design needs to grow further. So I want to invent my new role: VP of Design.

I want to lead design but also stay hands-on, for at least 30% of my time.

I want to solve obesity, through designing a real-life social eating community, powered by an app.

I want to start my own furniture studio, making custom, locally-sourced, life-long quality products.

I want to move from agency to industry: more strategy, more focus.

I want to lead a UX team and mentor people to become much better than me.

I want to lead a design team at an innovative company, and influence the company's direction.

I want to start a design studio that is solely focused on reducing the world's carbon footprint.

I want to help children learn and develop social skills through playing - by making toys that help them.

I want to make the fashion industry sustainable, designing for traceability of raw materials.

I want to start a new kind of agency, which only makes fun things for fun companies.

I want to be a fulltime storyteller. A copywriter, animator, narrator, director and editor in one.

I want to design with full creative freedom, working for events, bands, media and selling my designs online on the side.

I want to work at a scale-up where I can influence everything with design, including product, marketing and even business.

I want to build myself into a brand that allows me to get design work at any time and place.

I want to help NGO’s to improve their entire customer experience so they can be much more attractive to the next generations.

I want to be a builder of design teams at small & medium businesses.

I want to finally take the plunge: to fully focus my one-woman-business on my true specialty, service design, and claim my fame.

I simply want to become a famous designer. There, I said it!

I want to direct all of the design expressions in our organisation.

I want to become the ‘architect’ of our company’s customer experience.

I want to be the first design director in our company.

I want to become a partner at the the design agency I have been working in for many years.

I want to help owners of small companies with design problems, as a strategic sparring partner.

I want to become the go-to person in our organisation regarding everything design.

I want to reduce the web's energy consumption by designing apps and websites that are beautiful inside and out.

I want to open a creative restaurant that is truly inspired by design.

I want to design solutions that educate and encourage people to be better to the environment.

I want my design work to have ripple effects of happiness into the lives of those who see it. I want to bring joy to people.

I want to build a big enough client base to support myself working freelance.

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Some additional thoughts on
design careers

If you’re like us, then you like to know what’s next in your career. Having a clear goal is a great start. We’re collecting as many as we can on this page, making it a source of inspiration for designers in every stage of their career. Because even with a lot of legacy, the way is still forward.

So having a clear goal is a great start. You’d think having one is enough to make all work tilt towards that goal. In comes reality: distraction, limited energy and time, doubt. A goal really is a great start, but knowing what’s next requires a plan.

We’re helping designers to take ownership over their career. By turning their career into a design project, with an app. If you’re interested: Find it here, it’s free. It starts with ideation – sketching out your career ideas.

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