Coaching Terms

Long story short: we will treat you in the best way we can, and we expect you to put your best foot forward too. 

Our Terms describe this in detail and contain links to our privacy and product pages.


Get busy.
Coaching only works if you put a good bit of work in it.The better your input, the better work we can do in return.

Yes. And no!
With good coaching comes some friction every now and then. We are no ‘Yes-men’, and we don’t expect you to be.

Get back.
The world changes all the time. So we’ve made sure our service caters for regular updating and iterating. Get back to your plan regularly…

Our secret.
You will share some things with us that are really personal. We will treat these things as highly confidential. You, are free to discuss the coaching with anyone at any time. Your boss might be able to look into your plan, but only if you agree with it, and only the parts you allow to be seen.

Do the work.
Especially when building your plan for the very first time – there will be some work to be done. We expect that we’ll have to nudge every now & then. But that’s all we can do…

We’ll be there.
We will be available to you as much as we can. If you’re in a different time zone: we’ll still be available regularly.

A team of coaches.
You may choose which coach you prefer to be coached by, if you have a preference.

Subscription & payment

One Year of Coaching costs: €499. For the Pilot this is discounted to €199.
Every next year costs: €249.
Coaching can be paid by the coachee or the company she/he works for.
In the future, we may charge additionally for video conversations that aren’t included in the 7 steps of One Year of Coaching.

Prolonging your coaching.
For ease of use, you can choose to prolong your coaching automatically at the end of the year. We will notify you before we prolong.

Not prolonging or quitting.
If you quit before your year of coaching is finished, we will not refund your payment. Coaching cannot be transferred from one person to another.

If you decide to cancel before you’ve started your year: we will fully refund your payment.


The data we collect will always belong to you, the coachee. Not to the company you work for, even if they pay for coaching, nor to us. Read more about how we protect and handle data in our privacy policy.

Not prolonging or quitting
If a you decided not to prolong your coaching or quit: we will keep your data for 5 more weeks. This gives you time to potentially restart without losing your progress. After that: we will fully remove everything we’ve collected from you.