Long story short: we will help you in the best way we can, by giving you the best app, coaching experience and security we can. 

Our Terms describe this in detail and contain links to our privacy and product pages.

Using the app

Get busy.
The Ideator and Builder only work well if you put some good work into them. The better your input, the better the app can give you suggestions, inspiration, nudges and more. All at your own pace & style!

Yes. And no!
With good coaching comes some discussion every now and then. The live coaches you will meet in the Builder are no ‘Yes-men’, and expect the same from you. Friction creates brilliance!

Our secret.
You will share some things in this app that are really personal. We will treat these things as highly confidential. You are free to discuss your plan with anyone at any time.

Subscription & payment 

Using the Ideator is completely free forever.
The Builder is subscription-based at €49 monthly.
This can be paid by the designer themselves or the company she/he works for.

Updates & messages.
If you sign up, we might send you messages to support your activity in the app, product updates that are relevant for you, and inspiration about design careers.

Renewing your subscription.
Your monthly subscription will be renewed and charged automatically. Most payment providers (PayPal, Mastercard) will send you a notification after each payment.

Cancelling your subscription.
You can decide to let go of your online coach at any time, simply by sending an email to stating ‘I want to quit my coaching’.
If you decide to cancel before you’ve accessed the app: we will fully refund your payment. In any other case, we will not refund. 

Failed payment.
If, for whichever reason, you don’t succeed in paying your monthly subscription, please notify us at Your access to the online coach will be revoked, but we will keep & protect your data for 5 more weeks so you have time to fix any issues or decide to continue.

Referral rewards.
We do our best to meet & exceed expectations. So tell others about DESIGNLADDER if you feel like they might it like you do. 👏!
We are working on a referral system that is fun and beneficial for everyone involved. This is soon to be launched. 


The data we collect will always belong to you, the coachee. Not to the company you work for, even if they pay for coaching, nor to us, DESIGNLADDER BV. Read more about how we protect and handle data in our privacy policy.

When you cancel your subscription.
If you decide to quit your coaching: we will keep your data on our servers for 5 more weeks. This gives you time to potentially restart without losing your progress. After that: we will fully remove all personal data we’ve collected from you.